At Deyaar, we are committed to building a sustainable future. We recognize the importance of environmental responsibility, social impact, and economic resilience in our business practices.
Sustainability initiatives
We strongly believe that maintaining high corporate governance standards is essential in creating sustainable shareholder value with commitments to meet the expectations of customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Green Building Design
  • Community Development
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Water Management
Diversified Business Units
With our eyes set on expansion, following our IPO in May 2007 with a capital of AED 5.78 billion, we branched into diverse service offerings divided into six business units: Property Development, Property Management, Facilities Management, Community Management, Hospitality and Asset Management. These divisions provide multipurpose property services and have accentuated Deyaar’s appeal and stature within the real estate industry.
Creating Lasting Value in Dubai's Built Environment
We use the breadth of our expertise and the strength of our financial intelligence to create a positive and lasting impact on Dubai’s built environment. The aim is to unlock potential, maximize opportunity, and create enduring and recognizable value for our investors and customers. With an excellent land bank, an impressive spread of projects, and a dynamic future-proof vision, there is no stopping Deyaar from reaching new heights.