CEO Message

A nation as young as the UAE has engraved its indelible mark on the global map. Fuelled by the passion of its people and the quality of its leadership, the UAE has cemented its identity as a country that’s a beacon of tolerance, progress, and unity.
If the UAE is considered the region’s economic marvel, then Dubai most certainly is its brightest shining gem. Year after year, Dubai drafts new objectives not merely to meet a few but to exceed them all. To achieve the impossible and inspire a generation in its inimitable way has been its defining feature.
Deyaar shares Dubai’s progressive vision and indomitable fervour. We have developed ambitious projects for over two decades, including world-class residential developments, iconic commercial towers, and splendid hotels.
Every project we undertake is underpinned with the desire to set new benchmarks. Be it a stunning tower in a bustling business district or a delightful apartment building within a warm community complex, the Deyaar DNA is at the heart of every structure we construct.
Saeed Al Qatami
Chief Executive Officer